Biosecurity survey open now

The Biosecurity Council of Western Australia is investigating the delivery of biosecurity activities across the State. In particular, they are hoping to bring together the views of key stakeholders from across industry, government and community to help develop an agreed and common understanding of roles, responsibilities and principles that underpin an effective biosecurity system for Western Australia.

The Biosecurity Council is a specialist advisory group to the Minister for Agriculture and Food and the Director General of the Department of Agriculture and Food. It is their role to provide advice on biosecurity-related matters. They also provide advice to other Ministers, if necessary.

To help the Council develop advice that considers the views of a wide range of biosecurity stakeholders, they have developed an online questionnaire that we hope you are able to complete.

The information you provide will form the basis of the Council’s advice to the State Government. The information will provide a strong foundation for the development of important biosecurity-related policy. As such, it is of the utmost importance for your views to be identified, recognised and understood.

To have your say, you can access the questionnaire from the following website:

The survey will be open for two weeks until 8 am Monday 23 June 2014, and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.


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