Call to action to State Government

The Western Australian Farmers Federation (Inc.) (WAFarmers) has welcomed the Federal Governments’ Farm Finance Package announced over the weekend.

 The Farm Finance Package addresses the four key measures listed below, which are in alignment with WAFarmers’Seasonal Finance Assistance Scheme proposed to the State Government;

  1. Access to concessional loans
  2. Extra rural financial counsellors
  3. Introduction of a national approach to debt mediation
  4. Enhancing the Farm Management Deposits Scheme

 WAFarmers Director of Policy, Trevor Lovelle, said we were disappointed with the State Governments’ announcement last Wednesday, as they did not address the most pressing issue of carry-on finance that would allow viable farmers to continue. Instead there was a focus on transitioning out of the industry.

 Mr Lovelle went on to say, while we recognise there will always be farmers wanting to exit the industry, the focus really needs to be on the future viability for farmers within Western Australia (WA).

 “The State Government should partner with the Federal Government as a matter of urgency and in doing so, ensure this process does not get bound up with Federal and State Government red tape.” 

 “We urge the State Government to put adequate resources into the Rural Business Development Corporation (RBDC) to ensure the efficient and timely roll out of the Farm Finance measures,” Mr Lovelle concluded.


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