Community Wild Dog Control Initiative – funding available

AWI recently helped 48 groups across Australia to conduct on ground activities to kill wild dogs by releasing cash payments from a project commonly referred to as the ‘Kill More Dogs’ initiative.

The AWI Board has endorsed a second round of funding for dog control activities.

AWI is renaming the funding project to ‘Community Wild Dog Control Initiative’ to highlight the large co-funding that occurred. Applications are open to new groups as well as those assisted by the original funding. If a group has previously received funding from AWI (i.e. what AWI now refers to as Stage 1), applicants need to have completed all previously contracted milestones and demonstrate how additional funding (Stage 2) will further the strategic wild dog management plan.

If you would like to apply, please complete the Wild Dog Control application form (PDF 168Kb) and submit it along with a map and project budget to [email protected]. If you need clarification or assistance please contact Taran Blyth at AWI on (02) 8295 3164.

Click here for more information.

Source: AWI


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