Notes from the recent Grains Section meeting

WAFarmers Members and members of the general public are advised of the following discussions and developments during the most recent Grains Section Meeting, on Friday 21 July 2017.

President and meeting Chair | Duncan Young
Senior Vice President | Michael Fels
Vice President | Mark Fowler

Executive committee members in attendance:

  • Duncan Young
  • Michael Fels
  • Mark Fowler
  • Mark Adams
  • Greg Richards
  • Nathaniel O’Hare
  • Kallum Blake
  • Noel Bairstow
  • Peter Cowan
  • Malcolm Turnbull
  • Jerome Critch
  • Tom Powell
  • Graeme Jones
  • Chayce Creedy

Presentation | CBH – General Manager of Operations Dave Capper, and Government and Industry Relations Advisor Rob Dickie

  • APW1 and APW2 segregation
  • Barley optimisation trial
  • Update on rail arbitration

 Other topics discussed

  • Grain stocks disclosure
  • GRDC changes in WA
  • AGT/InterGrain acquisition
  • End point royalties
  • InterGrain flinders quality issues
  • GM crops – working with PGA
  • GIWA Council updates
  • GrainGrowers NPC meeting update
  • ACCC Bayer and Monsanto
  • AgVet legislation consultation and chemical reviews
  • GPA agenda review and discussion
  • Biosecurity update and skeleton weeds
  • 2017 season outlook
  • CBH market for this season
  • Vehicle licensing and red tape

For more information, you can contact WAFarmers Grains Executive Officer Maddison McNeil on (08) 9486 2100 or email [email protected].


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