Notes from the recent Grains Section meeting

WAFarmers Members and members of the general public are advised of the following discussions and developments during the most recent Grains Section Meeting, on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 March 2017.

President and meeting Chair | Duncan Young
Senior Vice President | Michael Fels
Vice President | Mark Fowler (elected during the meeting)

Executive members:
Duncan Young
Michael Fels
Mark Fowler
Mark Adams
Kallum Blake
Kim Simpson

Presentation | GRDC Western Panel Deputy Chair – Mike Ewing

  • Presentation and discussions on changes within GRDC in past 12-18 months
  • Brief discussion on outlook for grains R&D in WA
  • Discussion on the role of AEGIC in industry, and the direction going forward

Presentation | AEGIC CEO – Richard Simonaitis

  • Strategic direction until 2020
  • Generic promotion for Australian grain
  • Complexities around investment for generic promotion

Presentation | CBH – Government and Industry Relations Manager Rachel Cameron, and Manager Grower Value Gavin Bignell

  • Recap of 2016/17 harvest and the upcoming shipping period
  • Discussion on carryover stocks levels
  • Update on rail

Other topics discussed

  • Chemicals – APVMA reviews
  • Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) and InterGrain acquisition
  • End point royalties and seed royalties
  • Competition in barley breeding in WA and Australia
  • Discussion of industry owned corporation (IOC) for GRDC
  • Promotion of Australian grain
  • Reporting of wheat stocks
  • Biosecurity in WA
  • Grains R&D in WA
  • Grains contract review
  • Grain standards review

For more information, you can contact WAFarmers Grains Executive Officer Maddison McNeil on (08) 9486 2100 or email [email protected].


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