WAFarmers urges farmers to vote smart on Saturday

Media release issued 7 March 2013

The Western Australian Farmers Federation (Inc.) (WAFarmers) urges farmers and rural communities to strongly consider their vote in Saturday’s State Election.

WAFarmers released its 10 Key State Election Issues in January and has sought responses to these issues from the four main political parties:

  1. A long term plan for the State’s agricultural industries;
  2. Reform of the State’s land clearing laws;
  3. Ongoing use of all current Tier 3 rail lines;
  4. Increased funding for rural roads;
  5. The introduction of an ‘agricultural impact assessment’ process in the evaluation of potential mining or industrial development in farming areas;
  6. Development and implementation of a State Salinity Strategy;
  7. Expansion of the State Rural Water Program to include farm businesses connected the IWSS;
  8. The continued use of Genetically Modified (GM) crops;
  9. Expanding the live animal export trade from Western Australia; and
  10. Improving community services in rural Western Australia.

WAFarmers President, Dale Park, said farmers needed to vote for the candidate or party which they felt could best serve their interests as a food producer.

“Last week, WAFarmers marked the major political parties against the key issues our members have raised which effect their livelihoods and ability to produce food,” Mr Park said.

“I urge farmers to look at the key issues WAFarmers has raised with your own key issues, mark your own report card and make your vote count.”

Mr Park said West Australians would soon have a newly formed government to lead this state forward and WAFarmers would use the key issues as a benchmark for accountability.

“Our key issues will remain in place after the election and WAFarmers will be marking the new government hard to ensure the issues facing those on the farm and in the bush are being dealt with,” he said.

“WAFarmers, on behalf of the state’s farmers and rural communities, will be holding the government to account,” Mr Park concluded.


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