WAFarmers welcomes Regional Biosecurity Officer to head office

WAFarmers welcomes the appointment of the Livestock Biosecurity Network’s Regional Biosecurity Officer, Megan Harrod, who is now stationed at WAFarmers head office.

The new Livestock Biosecurity Network (LBN), which is being rolled out in all states and territories, will ensure the livestock industry is prepared to face biosecurity issues as they arise and increase the industry’s understanding of animal welfare and disease surveillance.

WAFarmers President Dale Park welcomed Ms Harrod to the role and said it was important for her to be located at the WAFarmers office to allow for a closer working relationship with producers and therefore, greater results.

“WAFarmers has lobbied hard to ensure the Regional Biosecurity Officer worked from our head office and we look forward to forming a constructive and effective relationship,” Mr Park said.

“The WAFarmers livestock sections will benefit greatly from having the Regional Biosecurity Officer in the WAFarmers head office, as it will allow us to work closely together on animal biosecurity issues in the sheep, cattle and dairy industries.

“Australia is renowned for its status as a relatively clean and disease-free market. The LBN will enhance our ability to maintain that status, which is a major selling point to our existing and potential export markets.”

The WAFarmers Wool and Meat Councils will meet with the LBN on October 11.


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