ADF and Dairy Council tour WA

ADF group April 8 

ADF Tour: WAFarmers CEO Peter Nolin, Dairy Executive Officer Stephanie Tarlinton, ADF Policy Manager Irene Clarke, ADF Policy Officer Rachel Jones and WAFarmers Dairy Section President Phil Depiazzi.

Last week the WAFarmers dairy council hosted Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) Senior Policy Manager Irene Clarke and Policy Officer Rachel Jones on a tour of the dairy regions in the south west.

The tour commenced with meeting WAFarmers CEO Peter Nolin to discuss the issues ADF is lobbying for on behalf of dairy farmers and what WAFarmers is addressing on a state level.

Dairy Council President Phil Depiazzi and Dairy Executive Officer Stephanie Tarlinton then traveled to Albany visiting a large dairy farm on the way to have a dinner meeting attended by 21 south coast farmers on Tuesday evening.

The following day, the tour continued to Cowaramup for a lunch time meeting where 15 farmers were also addressed by Elaine Hill, Inspector Regional & Primary Industries Team from WorkSafe in Bunbury.

Irene and Rachel then had the opportunity to visit another local dairy farm, gaining a greater understanding of dairy production in Western Australia and the issues impacting our farmer members. A dinner was then held in Harvey hosting 30 farmers where the opportunity for feedback and discussion was had and for ADF and WAFarmers Dairy Council to advocate how they are contributing to the industry.

The tour was a great opportunity for ADF staff to see firsthand the dairy industry in WA and also for our farmers to learn about the policies and work being undertaken to ensure they are able to continue operating.   


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