Bee Section position on open entrance beehives

The WAFarmers Beekeepers Conference supported the following Draft Best Management practice for the transportation of open entrance beehives.  This position will be taken by WAFarmers Beekeepers Representatives to the bee industry peak body Australian Honey Bee Industry Council AGM next month.

“In the interest of public safety, the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council Inc. (AHBIC) recommends that the following guidelines be followed, except in the case of emergency eg. fire and flood.

  • Where possible, only transport open entrance beehives between sunset and sunrise;
  • When securing beehives, equipment or machinery onto transport vehicle ensure LOAD RESTRAINT GUIDES as set down by the National Transport Commission of Australia are adhered to.
  • After completion of loading of beehives, wait until most bees have stopped flying before departing site.
  • Even in cooler weather, travel through built up areas and road works should be avoided during daylight hours.
  • Ensure adequate fuel is carried on the vehicle to complete the journey without the need to enter a refuelling depot when transporting open entrance beehives.
  • If absolutely necessary that a break in the journey has to occur, then ensure vehicle is located far enough away from lights as not to attract bees.
  • If the above guidelines cannot be met, AHBIC advises beehives should be screened, netted or closed entrance to prevent escape of bees from transport vehicle.”

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