Beekeepers Executive update

The WAFarmers Beekeepers Executive will meet on February 3, 2014 to discuss the Senate Inquiry into the Future of Beekeeping and Pollination Industries in Australia, Honey Levy Reform and Increase and the latest decision by Minister for Agriculture and Food Ken Baston to allow the importation of untreated honey into WA. 

The Bee Executive is now complete for 2014 as follows; Stephen Fewster (President), Executive Members Rod Pavy, Kim Phillips, David Leyland, Leilani Leyland and Brendon Fewster.  A Senior Vice and Vice President will be chosen from the above Executive members on the day. Senior Apiculturist from the Department of Agriculture and Food, Bill Trend, has been invited to attend the meeting to provide an update on bee industry related issues currently being dealt with by the department.  Members who wish any issues considered are welcome to forward them to Beekeepers Section Executive Officer Lucy Radzikowska via email at [email protected]


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