Board member on board with fuel tax scheme

WAFarmers has been working with the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) to ensure the Fuel Tax Credits Scheme continues to benefit its members and the wider agricultural sector.

Following calls for the Federal Government to make cuts to the scheme that provides a rebate on fuel used for off road purposes, affected industries including agriculture have taken a proactive approach to ensure the rationale behind the tax credit is fully understood by decision makers.

WAFarmers is pleased to note its board member Lyn Slade, and her husband Meat Section senior vice president David Slade, have recently been featured as a case study in a newly released Fuel Tax Credits Coalition publication.

The publication, titled ‘Powering Regional Australia: The Case for Fuel Tax Credits’, argues that the fuel excise introduced to contribute to the cost of building public roads should not apply to diesel used off-road or in off grid power generation.

WAFarmers board member Lyn Slade says it is important that decision makers, government departments and city-based politicians really understand what the tax was put in place for and ensure that off-road users are fairly treated.

“The original intent of the tax was to maintain and upgrade roads,” Mrs Slade said.

“There are a lot of decision makers who don’t know why the tax was originally introduced, so it’s important that people are fully informed about the off-road uses of fuel for vehicles, water supply and electricity generation in industries including agriculture, mining, forestry and fishing.”

The Slade’s case study is one of 18, drawn from 18 different businesses and communities – small, medium and large – from all states and the Northern Territory.


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