Bulk billing solutions for vehicle licensing

With many farm businesses can own over 10 to 30 vehicles, there has been some evidence suggesting that re-registering or renewals can take up a lot of time, in some instances becoming a fortnightly occurrence. 

Driver and Vehicle Services of the Department of Transport offers a bulk billing payment option for 10 or more vehicles registered under a single owner. This service allows vehicle owners to choose a common expiry date and align all their vehicle licences to expire annually on the nominated date. Owners of vehicles licensed under the bulk billing scheme, will receive a Fleet Schedule listing each vehicle and the total renewal payment due by the nominated expiry date.

Owners of 3 to 9 vehicles may also apply for a common expiry date, however these vehicles will not be provided with a fleet schedule or a bulk billing code. Instead, they will be sent individual renewal notices as normal before the nominated common expiry date.

To create a bulk billing account, please contact the bulk billing team at [email protected] (email), 1300 765 106 (phone) or 1300 880 865 (fax)

More information can be found at http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/bulk-billing.asp


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