Captive Bolt Gun licensing

Farmers who find it necessary to humanely slaughter livestock are advised that they are legally allowed to license a Captive Bolt Gun provided they have a genuine need and reason to do so.

In order to license a Cat E class Captive Bolt Gun, a farmer must address Section 11A, concerning genuine reason, as well as Section 11B, concerning genuine need, of the state’s Firearms Act 1973.

Under Section 11A (2) (a)-(f) of the State’s Firearms Act 1973:

(2) A person has a genuine reason for acquiring or possessing a firearm or ammunition if and only if —

(a) it is for use by the person as a member of an approved shooting club and the person is an active and financial member of the club;

(b) it is for use by the person as a member of an organisation approved under this paragraph;

(c) it is for use in hunting or shooting of a recreational nature on land the owner of which has given written permission for that hunting or shooting;

(d) it is required by the person in the course of the person’s occupation;

(e) it is to form part of a genuine firearm collection or genuine ammunition collection; or

(f) it is for another approved purpose.

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