Be careful on the roads this Christmas

In the lead-up to the holiday period, WAFarmers urges drivers to take extra care when on the roads, particularly when navigating around agricultural vehicles.

The comments follow the recent launch of the South West Road Ribbon for Road Safety Campaign which aims to raise awareness of the importance of road safety during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

“While drivers should always be careful and show consideration for others on the road, this is particularly important during the holidays when there are more people using the road network,” said WAFarmers President Tony York.

“Not only are there an increased number of regular passenger vehicles moving from A to B, but there are also a greater number of agricultural vehicles on the road as farmers complete their harvest.

“We urge you to utilise safe driving practices when around these vehicles and other cars; stick to the speed limit, don’t take unnecessary risks, drive tired or under the influence, and ensure your car is roadworthy.

“Please do your part to ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road this Christmas.”

Do you want to support the Road Ribbon for Road Safety Campaign? Visit the campaign website for resources and information about how to get involved:


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