Consider farmers in hunting review

WAFarmers has called for the interests of the agricultural community to be considered as the State government inquires into the future of recreational hunting in WA.

 In a submission to the inquiry into the potential environmental contribution of recreational hunting systems, WAFarmers has asked for any future hunting system to target feral and pest animals while also considering the safety of farmers.

 “Farmers in Western Australia face huge financial losses through the impacts of feral and pest animals such as foxes and dogs,” WAFarmers President Dale Park said.

 “With wild dog populations in WA at an all-time high, WAFarmers welcomes the consideration of implementing a hunting system which would result in the reduction of such pests.”

 However, any future system should also take into account the safety of land users, such as beekeepers who often have apiary sites on public land.

 “It is vital that safety is one of the prime considerations when working towards implementing a recreational hunting system similar to those used in other states,” Mr Park said.

 “Involving industry in the process will ensure the appropriate considerations for agriculture are made and any control measures for pest and feral animals work in conjunction with State and national programs.”


All media requests must be directed to WAFarmers Marketing and Communications Officer Leslee Hall on (08) 9486 2100 or [email protected].



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