Current submissions by WAFarmers

WAFarmers has completed several submissions recently and is continuing to work on a number of others.

WAFarmers recently made a submission to the Inquiry regarding the industry structures and systems governing the imposition of and disbursement of marketing and research and development (R&D) levies in the agricultural sector. To view our submission, click here.

The regulation of genetically modified organisms is currently ensured by the State’s Gene Technology Act 2006. This Act reflects the provisions of the Commonwealth’s Gene Technology Act 2000. As a result, changes to the legislation at a Federal level currently require amendments at a State level in order to maintain consistency. WAFarmers is working on a submission to the Standing Committee on Uniform Legislation and Statutes Review regarding the Gene Technology (Western Australia) Act 2014 which will replace the Gene Technology Act 2006, providing a more efficient method of ensuring uniformity across the legislation.  

The Draft State Biosecurity Strategy was released on 4 December. Comments are open until 13 March 2015. WAFarmers has begun working on a submission. To access an online copy of the strategy, click here.


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