DAFWA to offer two spots for AgConnectWA members at LambEx 2016

The Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA) are offering two AgConnectWA members the opportunity to participate in the LambEx 2016 conference and join a post-conference tour with leading farmers, motivated and enthusiastic sheep producers from south west Western Australia. The selected participants will also join the newly formed on-farm technology pilot group of growers as well as members of the 100% Club for the tour.

What is LambEx 2016?
LambEx is an informative and inspirational two-day conference, trade show and gala dinner which brings together producers, processors, exporters, service providers and food service professionals to present the latest research in the Australian lamb industry. 

This year it is being held in Albury, NSW from 11 to 12 August 2016, with pre-conference tours on 10 August.

What is being offered to AgConnectWA?
DAFWA’s post-conference tour will be held from 13 to 17 August and will consist of targeted visits to innovative, leading sheep producers in NSW and Victoria who are using a range of technology including electronic identification (EID), Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs), Genomics and Labour – saving devices. In addition the tour will include visits to The Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation associated with Charles Sturt university and the Rutherglen Research Centre in Victoria.

DAFWA will cover the costs of LambEx registration, accommodation, transport and evening meals. AgConnectWA members will need to pay 50 per cent of their airfare costs (organised by DAFWA) and pay for their own lunches.

How to apply
DAFWA is seeking suitable applicants who are involved in the management of a sheep enterprise with a future view of maintaining numbers and/or expanding. Successful applicants will be supported to share their findings via a brief written and oral presentation at an AgConnect event, an industry forum or a grower forum.

Applicants should address the criteria outlined below. Applications should be no more than two pages long. Applications can be submitted on the SmartyGrants website. Applications are due by Friday 3 June 2016.

Application criteria

  • Please outline the current size, future plans and breeding objective for your sheep enterprise.
  • Have you tried electronic identification (EID) technology in your sheep enterprise? If not, are you interesting in using this technology in the future?
  • Have you achieved a 100 per cent lambing percentage in your breeding ewes (excluding ewe lambs) over the last three years? If not, what steps are you implementing to lift your lambing percentage?
  • What labour – saving technology and devices have you introduced in your sheep enterprise to increase your labour efficiency? Or what technologies interest you?
  • What is required to encourage more young farmers (18 – 35) to either run more sheep or introduce sheep if they are 100 per cent crop focused?

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