Executive Officer attends Strategic Community Plan Review

Dairy Executive Officer Stephanie Tarlinton has attended a meeting for the City of Busselton Strategic Community Plan Review on 3 February, 2015.

The meeting involved a review of the 2013 City of Busselton’s Strategic Community Plan, particularly looking at the vision, six key goal areas and their objectives.

There was an opportunity to provide feedback on these details and discussion was had on the focus of City and future plans.

On behalf of members the importance of rural environments in contrast to the majority focus on coastal environment along with up keep of rural roads, gravel in particular, roadside weeds and pests was raised. The need for focused agricultural planning and management together with community consultation about such plans with farm land owners was also put forward.  

A report of the meeting will be provided in the next fortnight with the next review to be conducted in 2 years time.
For more information, please email Stephanie Tarlinton at [email protected]


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