Federal Department of Agriculture Suspend Export Licence

WAFarmers has had confirmation from the directors of Emanuel Exports that the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources suspended the companies live export licence today. This has come after it was confirmed some weeks ago that the Department had undertaken investigations into possible criminal activities by Emanuel’s in the live sheep trade.  

WAFarmers President Tony York said the organisation is keenly anticipating the results from the regulatory review that Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud initiated upon his own department. Regardless of this review and its results, WAFarmers supports the investigation of any company who is suspected of the intent to cause cruelty in such a way that animal welfare standards are compromised. Mr York said he understood the current investigation is in its initial phases.

“It is obviously very early days and there will be more detail of the suspension to come. We must allow the Department and the investigation to take its due course,” he said.  

“WAFarmers is confident that Emanuel Exports will work collaboratively with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources through this process until it is complete. Only upon completion will it be clear to industry stakeholders and the general public what the full aspects of any case are.

“WAFarmers supports any activity to improve animal welfare outcomes across our sectors. Bearing that in mind, we are also supportive of the continuation of the live sheep trade and its ongoing improvement.

“WAFarmers is confident that the Department will take the appropriate measures to ensure the trade can continue whilst improving on-board conditions for animals and ensuring our clients’ needs are met.”


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