Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad


Its likely to becoming too expensive for activists to follow through with their break, enter and steal liberation plans for livestock if the state and federal governments follow through with their plans to curtail the actions of those who think four legs good two legs are bad.

During the election campaign Commonwealth Attorney General Christian Porter announced that if returned the coalition would list activists’ groups such as Aussie Farms Incorporated under the Privacy Act which includes laws against the misuse of personal information.

Not to be outdone, last week the state Attorney General John Quigley announced his plans to introduce laws to give courts the powers to slap five year “farm restraining orders” onto activists who are repeatedly convicted of trespass.
What we now have is state trespass laws that include penalties of up to $12,000 and 12 months gaol which have been used successfully against James Warden plus changes which when added to the federal privacy act which has a maximum penalty of $420,000 for individuals and up to $2.1 million for a body corporate should shut down the likes the Aussie Farm map.

Ultimately what was needed was not tougher penalties but both the state and commonwealth governments to come up with ways to restrict activists from accessing social media to get the footage of illegal activities on farm and then sell their message to the world. Penalties and gaol time are often no deterrent to fundamentalists that believe they are on some sort of mission to save the world.

The goal is to not only make it too expensive for these people to delude themselves they are Martin Luther King with a dream of standing on a mountain surrounded by millions of saved animals that are free, free at last from becoming dinner. The goal of government is to make it very hard to access the internet to talk to the world of their dreams.

Unfortunately what we don’t do enough is point out just what they are proposing with their plans to liberate all animals from any form of human enslavement with the aim of giving animals “autonomy over their own bodies”.” and to “create a world where every animal is safe, happy and free”.

Nobal goals, but like George Orwell’s Animal Farm one person or animals dream is another’s nightmare. I’m not sure all the worlds pet owners would be so enthusiastic about releasing moggy and their sausage dog back to nature. Mind you moggy has probably spent plenty of time in the bush hunting native animals when their human slaves are not there to feed and amuse them. But sausage dog is more likely to end up as dinner to a bigger dog.

There will be no horse racing, no pony club ponies, no chickens or pork for bacon and eggs, no milk for tea, no leather for shoes, no traditional makeup and no wool for jumpers. There is alternative for all these things but they don’t taste, feel or look the same as products that come from animals.

One thing I don’t think they have factored in is their wine they drink while they are plotting to replace four feet with two would be out of bounds for them as well. As winemakers have forever and a day added everything from casein (milk protein) egg albumen, fish oil, gelatine, to Isinglass (fish bladder membranes) to preserve and enhance quality wines.

But the really important part is many of these activists would not be on planet earth at all to pursue their dreams as they and their forbears have benefitted from the march of science which has involved the use of animals to make the vaccines to tackle horrendous diseases like smallpox and meals that have saved millions of lives. So while they sit sipping their mulled wines, wearing their hemp clothes and eating organic lentils they can celebrate life and dream of a life without livestock.


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