Get your fuel tax credit claims right

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is urging primary producers and associated businesses to take advantage of assistance it’s offering to get their fuel tax credit (FTC) claims right.

The ATO’s Pauline Zdjelar says “The online tools and information on our website helps them get their fuel tax credits claims right and avoid costly mistakes, such as claiming for fuel they use in light vehicles (4.5 tonne GVM or less) when they travel on public roads.

“And any fuel used for private purposes regardless of the GVM of the vehicle is not eligible for fuel tax credits.”

She says some primary producers are also making errors calculating their claim, which they can easily avoid.

“FTC rates do change, so I’d urge everyone to use our online Fuel tax credit calculator every time they do their BAS to get their calculations right.

“This can help you avoid mistakes, saving time and money.

“And our Fuel tax credit eligibility tool is a must to make sure they can claim the fuel they use in their business.”

Pauline also urges everyone to look at Fuel tax credits for business, which is a complete guide to who can claim and how to do it.


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