Low uptake means RAV network permits unlikely to become permanent

WAFarmers has worked closely with Main Roads WA over the last few months to try and reduce issues faced with first mile and last mile access in the agricultural sector, the issue having been identified by our members as a concern.

Having recognised it as an issue of importance, changes have been made to the Harvest Mass Management System (HMMS) for this year’s harvest, with the inclusion of a $25 permit that will facilitate greater access to the RAV network.

This permit is valid from October to February and is being treated as a trial over harvest, with the premise that, if successful, WAFarmers and Main Roads will seek to make this a permanent fixture.

Unfortunately, there has been very little uptake of the permit thus far, meaning that a permanent permit is unlikely.

WAFarmers encourages road users to consider obtaining a HMMS permit during the upcoming harvest season, as this will go some way in reducing first and last mile issues as well as reduce red tape into the future.

To obtain a permit or find out more information, including a guide to safe road access during harvest and the HMMS Business Rules, contact Main Roads WA.


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