LPA biosecurity changes now in effect

Livestock producers are reminded that new requirements for on-farm biosecurity plans have now come into effect.

From Sunday 1 October, two new sections were introduced under the Livestock Production Assurance Program (LPA), one for animal welfare practices and one for on-farm biosecurity.

WAFarmers Livestock Executive Officer Kim Haywood said while the completion of the seven LPA Learning sections was not compulsory, it would be highly advisable for producers to strengthen their understandings.

“For producers to achieve LPA accreditation, they are strongly encouraged to complete the seven LPA Learning sections before attempting to answer the questions as part of the accreditation process, as they need to answer all questions correctly to be successful,” she said.

“For a small fee of $66, you can strengthen your biosecurity position and ensure your property is compliant with biosecurity standards, as renewal of accreditation will only be required every three years.

“WAFarmers has recently learned that corrective actions for non-compliance matters will not be enforced until the middle of 2018, as opposed to 1 January 2018.

“What will occur from January next year, however, will be the receival of a package of information from MLA to help guide producers through the entire process from LPA Learning to accreditation.”

As a requirement of the new biosecurity section for LPA, each property must have an on-farm biosecurity plan in place.

“Not only is the LPA On-Farm Biosecurity Plan template very easy to complete and is only four pages long, but you do not need your vet to sign the document, so there should be no difficulties in completing the plan by the middle of next year,” Ms Haywood said.

“Completing the plan will also ensure that producers are better prepared for biosecurity changes regarding Bovine Johne’s disease in July next year.”

WAFarmers advises that dairy farmers are exempt from paying the $66 LPA accreditation fee. For more information, contact Kim Haywood by emailing [email protected] or calling (08) 9486 2100.

The LPA On-Farm Biosecurity Plan template can be found here.

The LPA Learning sections can be accessed here.


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