LPA changes come into effect on Sunday

ATTENTION LIVESTOCK PRODUCERS! New requirements for on-farm biosecurity plans come into effect this Sunday 1 October under the Livestock Production Assurance Program (LPA).

For each property identification code (PIC)  you must complete an industry-compliant biosecurity plan AND have completed the two new online learning modules/LPA recommitments for animal welfare and biosecurity (only $66 per PIC).

Corrective actions for non-compliance matters will not be enforced until the middle of 2018, as opposed to 1 January 2018.  What will occur from January next year, however, will be the receival of a package of information from MLA to help guide producers through the entire process from LPA Learning to accreditation.

The LPA On-Farm Biosecurity Plan template is only four pages long, and you do not need a vet to sign it. Template found here.

For more information about the changes, contact WAFarmers Livestock Executive Officer Kim Haywood on (08) 9486 2100 or [email protected]


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