Members to get more benefits with HBF Corporate Health plans

We are thrilled to announce a new agreement between HBF health and WAFarmers, which will see WAFarmers Members able to join the HBF Corporate Health Plan to enjoy great benefits and discounts.

WAFarmers Chief Executive Officer Stephen Brown said it was the start of a great partnership between two long-established Western Australian not-for-profit organisations.

“In addition to our core purpose of advocacy, we are in the process of value adding our membership and diversifying into providing member services,” he said.

“We are always looking for opportunities to give more back to our members, and this is one of the myriad of benefits we hope to have on offer to maintain our existing membership base and attract new members.”

Mr Brown said members should look out for further partnership opportunities exclusive to WAFarmers Members in the near future.

WAFarmers Members who join the HBF Corporate plan can enjoy:

  • Up to 12 per cent off Hospital and Essentials cover;
  • Up to 23 per cent off home, landlords, car, boat and caravan;
  • Up to 19 per cent off travel insurance;
  • Up to 52 weeks complimentary health cover if on sick leave without pay. (This does not apply to overseas visitor health cover. Members must have been on a HBF Corporate health plan for 12 months);
  • 26 weeks complimentary health cover for spouse and dependants in the event of your death; and,
  • HBF Momentum, which is a special selection of member benefits to help you get your health journey started with $1,000 in added value for HBF health members:
    • Free outdoor fitness training sessions throughout the year;
    • 15 per cent off at Friendlies pharmacies;
    • Fully covered health checks each year at selected Friendlies pharmacies; and,
    • Free flu vaccination at selected Friendlies pharmacies.

Other things to know

  • HBF will also help you switch from your current fund and recognise your full length of membership so you won’t need to re-serve any waiting periods.
  • Members are also advised that if they choose to commence Hospital and Extras cover with HBF and join by 30 June, they will receive a $200 Rebel gift card.

To join the Corporate Health plan or find out more
Call 1300 132 549, email [email protected], click here or visit a branch.

For more information as to how WAFarmers Members will benefit
Call WAFarmers Membership Coordinator Sara Andacic on (08) 9486 2100 or email [email protected].


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