Membership to Australian Manuka Honey Association

The WAFarmers Beekeepers Section has extended its support to the Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) by becoming an associate member.

The AMHA was created to advocate and foster growth of the Manuka industry within Australia and protect the right of the industry to continue to use the term Manuka in light of the unexpected litigation emanating from New Zealand. At present the AHMA are engaged in defending an attempt by New Zealand which is trying to trademark the word ‘Manuka’ exclusively for itself.

The potential of the Manuka industry in WA is unclear as there is little yielding data. The WAFarmers Beekeepers Section envisages Manuka honey will be successful within WA; however, WAFarmers has made AMHA aware that the organisation wants to ensure that WA’s own unique honey, Jarrah and Marri, which have similar health benefits to Manuka, will not be implicated or overlooked by the marketing of Manuka.

The WAFarmers Beekeepers Section looks forward to working closely with AMHA to ensure the WA Manuka industry is successful, and will keep members abreast of any development regarding the status of Manuka trademarking situation.

For any further information about our support to AMHA or Manuka honey, contact WAFarmers Beekeepers Section Executive Officer Shannen Barrett by emailing [email protected] or call (08) 9486 2100.


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