Notes from the recent Dairy Section meeting

WAFarmers Members and members of the general public are advised of discussions and developments during the most recent Dairy Section Meeting, on Tuesday 5 December 2017 including, but not limited to, the information below:

  • The sale of Brownes Dairy to Shanghai Ground Food Tech was welcomed by the WAFarmers Dairy Council. WAFarmers will commence discussions with the new owners in the new year, particularly regarding managing milk flows and establishing positive working relationships going forward. 
  • The WAFarmers Dairy Council commissioned an advisor to complete an analysis on milk price comparisons, which have moved from cents per litre to a percentage figure.
  • Following the release of the ACCC’s Interim Report on the Australian Dairy Industry on 30 November, the WAFarmers Dairy Council welcomed its acknowledgement that there is significant imbalance in market power in the dairy supply chain. The Council will continue to pursue the options around introducing a mandatory code of conduct as long as the industry maintains control over the code, not the government. 
  • Dairy councillors have met with dairy farmers in Boyanup to gather their comments on fair contract terms and the voluntary code of conduct.  Recommendations from the farmers meetings will be discussed with processors.   
  • All dairy herds tested under the Cattle Industry Funding Scheme’s targeted surveillance program for BJD have tested negative to date.
  • The WAFarmers Dairy Council will take an active role in responding to the WA Animal Welfare Amendment Bill consultation.
  • The WAFarmers Dairy Council will continue to support improvements in the state’s energy and market reforms especially to secure electricity supply, control energy and network costs, and promote efficiencies and new technologies.
  • Acknowledgement of Jenny Trigwell for her long term contributions and efforts as a member of the WAFarmers Dairy Council. The Council wish her all the best for her family’s new beef business.     

 For more information, you can contact WAFarmers Dairy Executive Officer Kim Haywood on (08) 9486 2100 or email [email protected].


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