Parliamentarian disqualifications

In the wake of the ‘Citizenship Seven’ saga which saw Barnaby Joyce removed from his portfolio and his position as Deputy Prime Minister, along with four other Parliamentarians, WAFarmers wishes to reaffirm our intention to continue to work cooperatively with the Federal Government on issues important to our members.

Having been brought up on a farm in New South Wales and worked within the industry before entering politics, Mr Joyce has been a staunch advocate for the industry throughout his tenure as Federal Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.

His additional position as Deputy Prime Minister also ensured that the interests of the agricultural communities across Australia entered and remained in the political dialogue.

The disqualification of Fiona Nash from the positions of Deputy Leader of the National Party of Australia, the Federal Minister for Regional Development, and the Federal Minister for Regional Communications is also a blow for industry.

Given the need for strong leadership within agriculture, an industry which was recently acknowledged as Australia’s fastest growing sector, we hope those appointed to these portfolios will continue to recognise and capitalise on these growth opportunities for the benefit of rural and regional communities.

Until that time, WAFarmers will work collaboratively with Malcolm Turnbull as he assumes the position of Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, in addition to the other interim Ministers of relevance.


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