Be part of Australia’s Biggest Mental Health Check-in

WAFarmers is pleased to offer members a discounted rate to participate in Australia’s Biggest Mental Health Check-in as part of our partnership with HBF.

Through the check-in, individuals can track their own mental health through the most comprehensive psychological and physical mental health check-in the world has ever seen. There are two components to the testing; combining the most rigorous assessment tools with the world’s first sleep and circadian heart rhythm algorithm, HBF’s team of professionals will determine an individual’s objective measure of stress and mental health.

The check-in assesses the following areas:

  • Stress, depression, anxiety (the most common areas that impact our lives)
  • Sleep quality, resilience, self-awareness, perfectionism (the areas that often change before a mental health issue arises)
  • Coping styles, ability to manage difficult thoughts
  • Circadian Heart Rhythm (CHR) during sleep

When you participate in Australia’s Biggest Mental Health Check-in you complete a 15 minute profile online, and wear an overnight heart rate tracking device for one night. The comprehensive and confidential results are downloaded onto an app on your phone the following day and that’s it.

The online check-in survey has been developed from more than 20 years of mental health conversations and evidence by the Vital Conversations team. It is professional, robust and has been trialled to provide objective results.

WAFarmers Members have been offered an exclusive member discount to participate in this activity – contact WAFarmers by emailing [email protected] or calling (08) 9486 2100 to receive the discount code.

Check-in now:


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