Passing of GM Bill significant for WA grain growing history

WAFarmers and supporters of genetically modified crops are celebrating the repeal of the GM Free Areas Bill 2003 which was finally passed by the Western Australian State Government overnight.

WAFarmers Grains Section President Duncan Young said it was a significant win for industry.

“We are pleased this issue was resolved before government headed into caretaker mode in preparation for the State Election in March, and that other pressing agricultural issues can be the focus moving into the election period,” he said.

“The passing of the Bill not only gives certainty to farmers and researchers, but provides new opportunities in innovation in crops in the future.

“It is the culmination of lots of hard work by industry to give growers choice.

“WAFarmers, PGA and CropLife Australia have worked collaboratively to progress the repeal of the moratorium in WA, and we see the repeal as a significant step forward for agriculture in this state.”

Earlier this month, Mr Young expressed concern that the slow progress of the Bill through Parliament was creating uncertainty for planning in the 2017 season.

“WAFarmers has always supported giving growers the choice to grow GM crops, and with the passing of the Bill, they can now make that choice as to whether the use of genetically modified cultivars is an option they want to pursue,” he said.

“Continued research to help find solutions to ongoing problems such as frost, salinity and drought will be enhanced by having this Bill repealed, giving certainty to farmers and researchers.

“The future of grain growing in Western Australia looks very exciting, and we look forward to seeing how the passing of the Bill will affect the future of grain growing in WA over the coming years.”


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