Did you receive your AWI paperwork in time?

Did you receive your AWI Election paperwork late, or only a couple of days before the deadline? WAFarmers wants to hear from you!

There have been reports in recent weeks that, ahead of the AWI Election on 17 November, some shareholders either received their voting paperwork just before the voting cut-off of 10.00am on Wednesday 15 November, or after it.

While some shareholders may have overlooked the fact that they had nominated earlier to receive their voting papers by email rather than mail, WAFarmers is concerned by reports that so many people appeared not to receive their mailed-out paperwork in good time.

WAFarmers Livestock Section Vice President Steve McGuire said while there was no way of knowing if the results of the election would have been different if all shareholders had received their paperwork in good time, there was a need to question why this issue occurred in the first place.

“If there is an inquiry into why papers did not reach the shareholders in time for the election – or at all – then WAFarmers would like to hear from you so we can do the right thing by our members, and the broader wool industry,” he said.

Please let WAFarmers know about the status of your paperwork, and importantly how many votes you held, by contacting Steve McGuire on email ([email protected]) or calling 0428 336 232.


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