Recommendations for the Western Dairy Board nomination

The Western Dairy board selection panel met last week and interviewed who we considered to be two outstanding candidates for the advertised vacancies.

Our view was that they each bring different strengths to the board and were able to demonstrate this most convincingly via the interview process.

For us, the particular strengths that Andrew Jenkins offers is his astute understanding of the business of farming, his obvious interest in pasture production and the need to understand cost of production.

Nick Brasher brings with him a deep understanding of the opportunity to profit through his strong understanding of animal breeding and reproduction; but also a highly valuable and extensive network of contacts as his role brings him into direct contact with nearly all of the state’s dairy farmers. It is rare that a non-farmer director of Western Dairy has such an extensive set of relationships with and understanding of the day to day challenges of the farming community.

Together with my fellow panellists Verity Ingham and Neil Guise we are delighted to recommend the appointment of both for a three-year term and thank you for the opportunity to be part of the process.

Kind regards,

Michael Partridge

WAFarmers Dairy Council President


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