Report backs WAFarmers on rail

WAFarmers welcomes the tabling in Parliament today of the Economics and Industry Standing Committee’s report on the Management of Western Australia’s Freight Rail Network.

The report supports the position which WAFarmers has long advocated – that there was no need for Tier 3 lines to be closed and all efforts should be made to reopen them, according to WAFarmers President Dale Park.

“WAFarmers agrees wholeheartedly with the recommendation of the Committee that the government should investigate and pursue all means to recover Tier 3 lines,” Mr Park said.

“As we have long argued, it is in the best interests of the stakeholders – that is, the families and communities who rely on Tier 3 rail – that these lines be reopened as a matter of urgency.”

Mr Park said he was particularly pleased to see the lease arrangement between Brookfield Rail and the State Government finally in the public domain, giving much-needed transparency to the arrangement.

“WAFarmers has advocated for a long time for the release of the lease to give those who are most impacted some idea as to why their communities and businesses are being let down,” Mr Park said.

“The report indicates a lack of transparency from multiple parties, which is something we have encountered repeatedly over the past few years. It is disappointing that it has taken such an inquiry for documents such as the lease to be made public.”

Mr Park gave evidence before the Committee on June 13 where he expressed his frustration at the persistent hindrances to resolving the Tier 3 issue.

“I extend my thanks to the members of the Economics and Industry Standing Committee for their work on the report and towards clarifying many aspects of the issue,” he said.


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