Request for member feedback on state of regional roads

Some time ago, WAFarmers requested members inform us on the poor condition of roads that had either been allocated funding from State and local governments but which hasn’t been yet expended, or were in a very poor condition that required upgrade to at least cater for services, such as school buses, emergency services or where dangerous circumstances have presented themselves.

WAFarmers had received analysis that certain roads had been underfunded by more than 400 per cent. It has been estimated that to rebuild all of WA’s regional roads and bridges (non-pastoral) to current standard (not necessarily to desired standard, just to what it was when money was last expended) would require an investment of over $19 billion.

WAFarmers will soon meet with various organisations, such as WALGA and governmental agencies to discuss a range of issues, including the apparent gap between road funding and need. We again request your feedback on this issue – please send your response outlining the road, the condition, and the impact on stakeholders, via email to Transport Executive Officer Chris Wyhoon, via [email protected]




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