Road safety reminder during peak road usage times

Following a record harvest in WA which has seen increased road usage in regional areas, motorists are reminded to continue to employ safe driving practices and be alert at all times.

WAFarmers Chief Executive Officer Stephen Brown said there would continue to be high road usage in the coming months as farmers gear up for the new season and grain handlers move the record crop to port.

“The record harvest delivered by WA growers this season, in combination with smaller vehicles on the road for the holiday season, has seen increased road usage in recent weeks,” he said.

“This trend will continue over the coming months, with farmers preparing for the new season by bringing in materials, fertilisers and other products to their properties, and continuing to cart grain which is being stored on-farm.

“Given this increased road usage, we urge all drivers to remember their responsibilities on the road and always use safe driving practices.”

“We also encourage drivers who may not be accustomed to driving on regional roads, such as gravel roads or at country speed limits, to be particularly cautious and to spend some time learning how to safely navigate these roads.”

Mr Brown said the advice was for both regional and metropolitan road users, particularly in light of recent road fatalities.

“With $96 million in the State Government’s Road Trauma Trust Account to assist in the development and implementation of road safety projects, there is plenty of funding available to get these ideas going now and we urge the government to make use of these funds,” he said.


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