Submission made on glyphosate

WAFarmers’ Grains Section made a submission on the “Proposed variation to registration of Pintobi Attack™ Herbicide with IQ inside™ containing the approved active constituent glyphosate” to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) on July 7.

In the submission, WAFarmers supported the change in use pattern of glyphosate in current farming systems and an increase in application rates for canola and wheat, with the main points highlighted below:

  • The new use pattern of glyphosate on canola and wheat as a desiccant and pre-harvest herbicide will offer growers an additional tool for weed-management.
  • Glyphosate will provide a second group of chemicals (glyphosate group M, and Regloneâ group L) to rotate from year to year to reduce the chances of developing resistance and help to keep the seed weed-banks low for improved yields.
  • WAFarmers supports increasing the MRL levels of glyphosate on canola (from 2 to 20mg/kg) and on wheat (from 5 to 7mg/kg), and do not believe there will be major problems regarding market access if glyphosate is applied according to label instructions.
  • The proposed MRL for glyphosate in Australia for use on canola (20mg/kg) is the same as the Codex Alimentarius, American and Canadian MRLs for glyphosate. Canada uses a CODEX standard and is still able to access other markets including China, EU, Pakistan and South Korea.  

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