Sweet visit to honey operation for staff

Last week, WAFarmers’ Bees Executive Officer Maddison McNeil and Media and Communications Officer Melanie Dunn visited Bees Neez Apiaries in Beechina, to learn more about the processes behind honey extraction.

Using his honey extraction machinery, WAFarmers Beekeepers Council Senior Vice President David Leyland and his staff demonstrated how the comb is uncapped on the frame and put in the extractor, and how centrifugal forces work in getting the honey out of the comb.

Mr Leyland also explained what happens to the wax once is removed from the comb, how it is separated from the final honey product, and what happens to the remaining wax material.

Ms McNeil, who also holds the role of WAFarmers Grains Executive Officer, said the extraction setup was very simple but efficient.

“A lot of the issues WAFarmers Beekeepers Section deal with are quite removed from apiary practices, so was great to see what we are fighting for in action,” she said.

“It was interesting to see how on-site biosecurity occurs – it further developed my understanding of the whole system.

“I am used to seeing broadacre cropping and livestock production systems, so being able to see such a critical part of the apiary industry was fascinating.”

Ms Dunn said she enjoyed linking concepts to real-life examples.

“This was my first visit to a honey operation, and I found it to be a really valuable experience,” she said.

“Having now seen the sophistication and efficiency of a large-scale extraction setup, I am interested to know how this process differs when compared to smaller operations.

“I look forward to seeing how the other parts of the production chain work and visiting both honey sites and processing factories in the near future.” 

Bees Neez Apiaries - 29 Nov (32)
PHOTO: David Leyland and his staff extract honey from the frames.


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