Three-year sponsorship from WAFarmers for Murdoch ICMJ team

WAFarmers is thrilled to be supporting the Intercollegiate Meat Judging (ICMJ) Competition for the next three years through the sponsorship of the Murdoch University ICMJ team.

Beneficial for the participating students, universities and the wider red meat and pork industries, the competition encourages students to extend their careers in the processing, marketing, lot-feeding, retail, veterinary and research and development sectors of the industry.

The Murdoch team, comprised of 10 students, will travel to Wagga Wagga in early July to represent their university for the 10th time, and will gain practical experience in the evaluation of carcasses, primals and retail cuts.

“Given our vested interest in developing the potential of young people within agriculture, the decision to sponsor the Murdoch ICMJ team for the next three years was a no-brainer,” said WAFarmers Chief Executive Officer Stephen Brown.

“The ICMJ competition provides invaluable opportunities for participants to gain an understanding and appreciation of the immense opportunities and challenges facing the meat industries of Australia, and will allow the students to pass on the information and skills learnt to others in the industry.

“After having taken out four team awards and two individual awards last year, we have high hopes that the Murdoch team – the only team from WA – will achieve great things in the 2016 competition.

“The students on the Murdoch ICMJ team have all demonstrated enormous passion and enthusiasm for the industry, and we hope that by supporting them in their education that we can help them develop into innovative thinkers and industry leaders of tomorrow.”

Teammate Kristy Walters said the competition would provide her with the perfect opportunity to familiarise herself with the crucial components of livestock production ahead of her graduation at the end of the year.

“With Australian meat exports significantly increasing every year, in particular the growing trend for prime lamb production, I believe that staying up to date with future trends and potential overseas markets is key to maintaining an eye on the horizon and driving the Australian meat industry forward as a key player in the global meat trade,” Ms Walters said.

“As a very practical person, I look forward to gaining further experience with the carcass specifications that are required in order to meet the Meat Standards Australia and AUS-Meat grading systems for beef, lamb and pork.

“After graduation I would like to use my degree and my ICMJ experiences to potentially enter an advisory role for livestock producers, and directly offer input and support into the yield and quality specifications that must be met by the product in order for it to be supplied to consumers.”

Ms Walters echoed Mr Brown’s sentiments, stating that there is something for everyone within the agricultural sector, particularly for young people.

“There are unlimited opportunities for young people to come forward with innovative and challenging ideas to help develop and maintain Australia as a leader in world agriculture,” she said.

“Whether you love to physically handle livestock directly, or maybe prefer to work finances within agribusiness, I believe there is a place for anyone within agriculture.”

WAFarmers is sponsoring the Murdoch University ICMJ team alongside Harvey Beef, Linley Valley, The Royal Agricultural Society of WA and Murdoch University.

PHOTO: Kristy Walters


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