Tier 3 Rail line closures taking their toll

WAFarmers urges the State Government to assist CBH and Brookfield Rail in their negotiations which, if positive, would see the Tier 3 Rail lines reopened.

As the owner of the rail, the Government has a responsibility to ensure that the asset is utilised.

The Government has yet to respond to the Economics and Industry Standing Committee report into the management of the State’s grain freight network which was tabled in October.

WAFarmers President Dale Park is hopeful the Government will provide some answers. 

“We’re looking forward to a common sense response from the Government regarding the Committee’s report.”

WAFarmers President Dale Park said the ongoing delays were continuing to have a significant impact on farmers, communities and road users.  

“The delays have cost individual farmers thousands of dollars in additional freight fees this harvest and put their businesses and livelihoods on the line,” Mr Park said.  

“The closure is also contributing to the deterioration of regional roads as thousands of additional truck movements occur on roads which have not been maintained to a reasonable standard.”

WAFarmers Zone Coordinator Jane Fuchsbichler recently met with representatives from the Department of Transport and Main Roads WA to reiterate concerns about the state of regional roads and the unnecessary risk which the increased truck movement poses to road users.

The surface quality of regional roads has deteriorated significantly over the Christmas and New Year period as a result of the number of trucks using the roads.

With the school year about to recommence and twice-daily use of these roads by school buses and other commuters, WAFarmers is particularly concerned about the standard.

These concerns are further compounded by statistics from the WA Office of Road Safety which show that districts in regional parts of the state have a higher fatality on the roads than those in the metropolitan area.


All media requests can be directed to WAFarmers Media and Communications Officer Sophie Kilby on (08) 9486 2100 or [email protected].


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