Urgent feedback sought on wild dogs

WAFarmers is seeking urgent feedback from its members about wild dogs in WA, particularly with regard to the scope of the problem, the impact of the problem, how it is currently being managed and what the final outcomes should be.
It would be greatly appreciated if members could answer any or all of the questions below and return them to Kim Haywood at [email protected]. Your answers will help guide the WA Wild Dog Action Plan Steering Group and a provide a course of action for resolving this issue.


  • There are differing values and opinions about wild dog control.  Should all be considered?
  • Should the Plan be linked to industry development?  How?
  • Should the Plan consider areas not yet impacted (e.g. peri-urban, south-coast)?
  • How can industry own and value the plan?


  • Do we understand the full impacts of wild dogs?  What more might be required?
  • How should impacts be reported?

Current Management

  • Do we have all the effective ‘tools’ we require?
  • Do we agree on current ‘best practice’?
  • Do we have effective local and regional wild dog control planning?
  • Can we be assured that restricted chemical use (1080 and Strychnine) is available long-term?
  • What limits full implementation of best control practice?
  • Should there be agreed targets for reduction?
  • What incentives are required?  Is a bounty required?
  • Should control be regulated?
  • Is the current ‘dogger’ role relevant for the future?  How might it change? How many are required?
  • Who should contribute to maintenance and replacement of the State Barrier Fence?
  • What is the role of Exclusion Fencing (individual properties, cells etc)?  How should it be organised?
  • How should wild dogs be controlled on public land?
  • Is there a long-term need for the role of Coordinator?
  • Can we meet future social expectations for wild dog control?

Funding and reporting

  • Who should pay? On what basis?
  • What funding mechanisms could be adopted?
  • Who should keep account and report?

Final outcomes

  • What does success look like?
  • What should the Business Case include?
  • Who is responsible?
  • What industries benefit will occur from control of wild dogs? 
  • Who else would benefit?

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