WAFarmers clarifies grain stocks position

CBH have announced that they will be releasing harvest receival information, aggregated by grade and port zone, weekly during harvest. WAFarmers supports the release of this information in an effort to improve market transparency, and may allow growers to make better informed decisions throughout the season.

WAFarmers supports equal access to harvest delivery information as made available to the trade by CBH and Bunge. The information can assist growers to make informed marketing and agronomic decisions.

The information provided by bulk handling companies this season is essential, as voluntary declaration of stocks information would prevent government intervention and legislation.

At this time, WAFarmers does not support legislation mandating grain stocks reporting.

WAFarmers Grain Section President Duncan Young said the national discussion on grains stocks must take into account the dominance of export markets in WA, compared to significant domestic markets in other parts of Australia.


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