WAFarmers hay drive for Northcliffe area

Can you Donate Hay to Affected Farmers in Northcliffe?

In response to the devastating fires currently out of control in the Northcliffe area in the shire of Manjimup, WAFarmers Lower South West Zone is looking for pledges of hay to assist farmers who have lost pasture and hay reserves.

The Department of Agriculture & Food will be coordinating the distribution of fodder to affected farmers. WAFarmers Lower South West Zone would like to assist DAFWA with this task by seeking donations of hay from members within our zone and neighbouring areas.

If you have hay you wish to donate please contact:

Tony Pratico: (08) 9761 1616

Michael Campbell: (08) 9761 9002 or [email protected]

Jane Phillips: (08) 9771 8243 or [email protected]

Any donations small or large will be greatly appreciated!


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