WAFarmers looks forward to Coalition enacting ag policies

WAFarmers congratulates the Coalition on its election victory and looks forward to working with it to achieve increased profitability for the agriculture sector.

It is important the new government immediately sets to work implementing its agricultural policies to deliver results for farmers and industry, WAFarmers President Dale Park said.

“Farmers have faced, and continue to face, difficulties due to over regulation, financial circumstances and often unfavourable trading environments,” Mr Park said.

During the election campaign, WAFarmers called for action from the future Federal government on five policy priorities – expanding live export, ensuring financial competitiveness, maintaining fuel affordability, funding research and establishing a robust foreign investment policy.

The Coalition has promised a $100million boost to research and development funding and $15million to enable small exporters to remain competitive in a challenging environment in response.

“The agriculture policy the Coalition took to the election recognised several of our policy priorities, but we hope continual consultation with State Farming Organisations will result in beneficial outcomes,” Mr Park said.


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