WAFarmers Supports AWEX Overweight Bales Campaign

In response to recent discussions had at the WA Shearing Industry Association (WASIA) general meeting regarding the major issue of overweight bales being delivered to wool stores, the Australian Wool Exchange Ltd (AWEX) have prepared a campaign to create greater awareness of the impact and cost of overweight bales on the wool industry.

AWEX Mark Grave spoke on the issue at the WASIA meeting on Saturday and highlighted the need for urgent action to resolves the unnecessary expenditure to wool growers.

WAFarmers Livestock Council Vice President Steve McGuire said overweight bales have been a problem across the nation for some time but their frequency over the last couple of years has been increasing, which is a real concern.

“This practice is costing the WA wool industry over a quarter of a million dollars per year,” Mr McGuire said.

“The current minimum bale weight is 120 kg and the maximum bale weight is 204 kg. There were an astonishing 12,000 bales of wool over weight in WA last season.

“WAFarmers is strongly advocating all producers who do not already have scales to invest the $1500 into scales to ensure the minimisation of overweight bales.

“Any wool removed from an overweight bale either goes into bulk class where it may be heavily discounted or a new bale is pressed requiring additional wool from other bales in the same line.

“Over weight bales are costing wool growers and industry a lot of money, approximately $600,000-800,000 per annum nationally and $250,000 to WA wool producers annually which is an unnecessary waste of income to wool growers.

“WAFarmers urge wool classers and growers to be extra vigilant to ensure all overweight bales are prevented – consistent offenders will come under review by the AWEX Registration Review Panel and could have a number of negative implications.

“WAFarmers encourages all in the sector to take this issue extremely seriously – this issue is costly to industry and can be easily avoided with the appropriate care.”


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