WAFarmers welcomes 1.5% wool levy

WAFarmers has welcomed the announcement today that wool grower shareholders have elected to vote for a 1.5 per cent levy rate change in the 2018 WoolPoll, as of 1 July 2019.

WAFarmers Livestock Council Vice President Steve McGuire said this was a good result for the wool industry given all the challenges growers are facing at present, particularly those in drought affected areas.

“WAFarmers supported Wool Producers Australia (WPA) recommendation of 1.5 per cent levy rate and believed that this levy rate change would provide enable enough funds for Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) to operate well in to the future,” he said.

“WoolPoll is an important opportunity for growers to have their say and vote for their preferred levy rate over the next three year.

“WAFarmers congratulates wool growers for not being complacent and choosing to cast their vote and using the opportunity they are entitled to as growers.

“Now that the WoolPoll levy rate has been announced, WAFarmers would like to see the AWI board and management put their mind to the task of implementing all 82 recommendations from the EY Review as soon as possible.”


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