WAFarmers welcomes action taken over activists attacks

WAFarmers is pleased Western Australian authorities have taken appropriate action over extreme behaviour by animal activists.

WAFarmers President Tony York said it is good to know that trespass laws in Western Australia are applicable and we hope that this will deter further brazen attacks on farming businesses.

“We are supportive of the law taking control over these situations and are encouraging our members and the wider agriculture community to remain calm and call the police if they become aware of any alarming behaviour on their properties by activists,” Mr York said.

“This action by authorities should give farmers confidence to go about their daily business without interference, knowing the law can be applied and used to protect businesses, homes and families against extreme activist behaviour.

“The agricultural industry has been lobbying State and Federal politicians in recent weeks to help stamp out this type of activist activity.

“Australian farmers want to be world class leaders in food production and the recent spate of activist attacks is much unwarranted.”


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