Wool Selling Systems Review calls for submissions

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) has commissioned the Wool Selling Systems Review (WSSR) on behalf of Australian woolgrowers. The objective of the WSSR is to improve the returns received by growers for their wool.

A Review Panel has been appointed to direct the WSSR and they have publicised their desire for a highly consultative process, encouraging input from all sectors of the industry, particularly Australian woolgrowers.

The Review Panel has released an Issues Paper (which is available for access here) to assist individuals and organisations in preparing submissions for the inquiry. The Issues Paper contains background information on the following phases of wool production: wool preparation; delivery and testing; wool appraisal; price realisation; invoicing and payment; and export process. 

The WSSR encourages submissions on any or all of these phases. Submissions can be made by email to [email protected], faxed to (02) 8295 4143 or posted to Wool Selling Systems Review, Australian Wool Innovation, GPO Box 4177, Sydney NSW 200.

 The due date for initial submissions is February 27, 2015. Submissions will be placed on the AWI website.

 Source: AWI


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