Canola variety guide available for 2015 cropping season – DAFWA

The Department of Agriculture and Food has published a summary of canola varieties to assist growers to select the most appropriate variety for their 2015 grains program. 

Department development officer Jackie Bucat said the guide included both agronomic and commercial information.

“The Canola Variety Guide 2015 can help growers pinpoint the best new varieties for their regions and the performance of reliable current varieties like Crusher TT and Hyola 404RR,” Ms Bucat said.

Production of the canola guide was co-funded by department and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

“Canola varieties covered in the guide include Triazine tolerant (TT) canola, Triazine tolerant with Roundup Ready® (TT-RR), Roundup Ready®(RR) and Clearfield (CL),” Ms Bucat said.

“The predicted yield and oil data was derived from National Variety Trials and cover early-maturity and mid-maturity varieties for the regions in which they’re needed.

“In order to allow growers throughout the Wheatbelt to compare varieties suitable for their cropping programs, the guide provides variety performance across all six Agzones, from Geraldton to Esperance.

“Published data includes early maturity variety performance in northern areas and in the lower rainfall areas of central and southern areas, and mid-maturity trials conducted in the medium and high rainfall areas in central and southern areas.

“The Blackleg rating and resistance group information provided is derived from the GRDC fact sheet, 2014 Blackleg Management Guide, which also includes advice on blackleg management.

“CBH data indicates that last year, 83 per cent of the State’s canola crop was Triazine tolerant and the popularity of Roundup Ready® canola increased to 13 per cent.

“The most popular canola varieties grown last year were Crusher TT, ATR Stingray, ATR Cobbler, Hyola 404RR and ATR Snapper; these varieties made up 70 per cent of the area sown to canola.”

The Canola Variety Guide is available on the department website, by searching for ’Canola Variety Guide’ and clicking on the link. 

The guide is also available at department offices or by emailing a request to Jackie Bucat at [email protected].

Source: DAFWA


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