Cattle producers sought for program

Cattle producers are needed to support the National Arbovirus Monitoring Program (NAMP) which is a program that monitors the distribution insect-borne viruses of ruminant livestock, and their insect vectors, in Australia.

The program requires a small amount of time each year and allowances are provided to contribute toward the cost of mustering cattle and handling insect traps.

NAMP gathers information at monitoring sites across Australia by testing of blood samples from cattle herds and insect trapping for biting midges.

Results of monitoring are used to develop the bluetongue virus zone map, identify incursions of new bluetongue viruses or midges, and inform veterinary authorities on the distribution of arboviruses.

Known as NAMP ‘co-operators’, participating cattle producers are required to provide between 10–30 young home-bred cattle for blood sampling by government officers at agreed intervals throughout the year. In most cases, sampling occurs once or twice a year.

Co-operators are also required to hang an insect trap during agreed months throughout the year. The traps are automatic,will run for several nights and co-operators are asked to send the bottle of collected insects to the relevant government officer.

If you require more information or would like to become a co-operator, please visit or contact Marion Seymour on (08) 9651 0555.


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