DAFWA encourages use of pest identification and reporting app

Farmers and the general public are being encouraged to use the free app from DAFWA, MyPestGuide, to identify and report pests.

The free app was launched in August 2014 and can be downloaded through the Apple iTunes store for iphones and the Google Play Store for android devices.

It provides users with an identification guide, allowing them quickly search for a pest according to the crop it’s found in, the damage observed, its type or size. The photo reporting tool allows users to easily create and send a report direct to DAFWA and receive a response on their device.

The information gathered by the app will be used to infer Western Australia’s freedom from pests and diseases in order to maintain access to overseas markets. In addition, users help to maintain Australia’s pest-free status, support farm biosecurity and become participants in a new monitoring and surveillance community.

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Source: DAFWA


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